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Almost any content available for download
Using you obtain access to the network which contains hundreds of thousands of movies and other videos, musical albums, books and applications.

No network or software restrictions
Zbigz is a very good solution if your PC or laptop is locked by your ISP, system administrator or you have restrictions in your corporate network.

Anonymous downloads: Safe & Secure
Your connection to is protected with HTTPS protocol. Your downloads are carried on behalf of ZbigZ. Nobody knows your actual IP.

Nothing to install and no configuration is needed
Just download! The only thing you need is your web-browser. If you see this page it means you are ready to download.

Use as the fastest BitTorrent application
Just paste the link to your torrent or upload torrent-file from your computer and download faster than ever.

Video & Music streaming
Download playlists - watch movies and listen to a music. No need to download media files completely.

Remote download
Today even rare content becomes available. You do not need to keep your PC turned on while slow torrents are in progress. Just start it using Zbigz and we will retrieve it for you.
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