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Premium overview
You can upgrade your free account in seconds. Zbigz offers you convenient tariffs which were developed so that you can use your money in a more effective way.
Unreg Free Reg Free Prem
Download files despite your ISP's restrictions yes yes yes
Download resume yes yes yes
Personal account no yes yes
Files are cached even if you are not on the site no no yes
Dedicated channels, full caching speed no no yes
No ads no no yes
Video & Music streaming no no yes
File storage size no May be limits Unlim*
Your files will be available in account for no 7 days Unlim
Number of files in storage no 2 Unlim
Download speed 150 KBps limit 150 KBps limit Unlim
Maximum size of file 1 Gb 1 Gb Unlim
Number of simultaneous downloads 1-2 1-2 Unlim
* Storage for files uploaded from local computer or from http/ftp links are limited to 200 GBytes Buy premium account